• “Temporary Insanity”

    It was a great time getting to photograph the cast for a new series coming to a Netflix account near you soon, "Temporary Insanity." Scott Sergeant, from Revolier Films reached out, and wanted a photo to use as the cover for the series, as well [...]

  • ‘Muslin Comfort”

    This shoot was for a new online company, called "Muslin Comfort." This particular photo was not posed, it was actually an accident. The owner the company, Shyla Smith, was wanting some photos of the kids enjoying the soft and cozy blanket that her company sells. [...]

  • “Kailee’s Portrait Session”

    Miss Evetts reached out to me for a portrait session, we wanted to go for a country theme, to go with her lifestyle. She is quite the team roper. She ropes and rides, and what better way to show that, then throwing a horse in, [...]

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