Real Estate Drone Photography to Sell Your Home

Real Estate Aerial Photography: Give Buyers a Fresh Perspective

When you’re selling your home, you deserve to work with a Realtor® who can make it stand out in a crowded market – and one way to do that is with real estate drone photography.

HDR real estate photography, HD videos and immersive 3D video tours of the inside of your home capture potential buyers’ interest and keep them engaged. Drone photography takes that a step further, giving buyers a fresh perspective on your home and your neighborhood.

Most buyers start their home searches online, so that’s where most real estate companies advertise.

However, internet users quickly scroll through listings that aren’t interesting or visually appealing.

We want them to stick around on yours. That’s why we use real estate drone photography to help sell your home.

Why Drone Photography Helps Sell Your Home

Drone photography is a great way to showcase your home because it provides buyers with a way to connect the dots between your home and your neighborhood. It also:

  • Shows off your entire property, including terrain and landscaping features
  • Positions the home in its surroundings, giving buyers a look at the views they’ll enjoy and lets them see how far back the home is from the street while they check out the neighborhood’s appeal
  • Provides additional details about your home’s exterior so buyers can appreciate the architecture
  • Makes your home stand out from those that only feature ground-level photos, and because it’s intriguing and different, aerial photography causes buyers to stick around on your home’s listing 44% longer

Let’s Talk About Real Estate Drone Photography and Selling Your Home

We do what it takes to connect you with the right buyers with our Premium Property Marketing System, which includes real estate drone photography, HDR real estate photos and 3D video tours. We’ll even use virtual staging to create extra visual appeal if your home is vacant. We aggressively market all our clients’ homes using proven social media and strategies that give our listings a fast-pass to people who are ready to buy.

Call us at 1+(661) 406-2391 right now to find out how we can help you sell your home in Exeter – you’ll join hundreds of others who are glad they did.