I was shooting some behind the scenes photos, for an up and coming rapper, represented by Atlantic Records, and when we were taking a break, we went into a gas station off of Sunset Blvd. In Los Angeles, to grab a couple bottles of water. The Pagani Huayra In this photo, whose passed and current owner wish to remain anonymous, was parked at a pump. The passed owner saw me with my camera, and asked me if I could photograph the car for him, static, and driving. He asked my rate, agreed to a price, and we shot it. The whole shoot only lasted about 30 minutes, he drove me to a parking garage and we shot the static shots, then when he dropped me back off by the gas station, we shot some moving photos as well. The coolest thing about this shoot was getting to ride in a car that was over $1,000,000, second coolest thing was getting to photograph it. This photo attached to this article is what got me a shoot with Mclaren, as well as several other automotive brands. The story behind this photo was definitely a random, and fun one. The photos were used to market the car for sale, I cannot discus the price it sold for, but it was well over the million dollar mark. The only thing I do not like about this photo, are those gas prices! So expensive!