Andrea Andrade was diagnosed with Stage 3 colon cancer, and the prognoses was not good. She had always dreamed of running for the Miss CA pageant, so with nothing to lose, she decided to pursue that dream. I had shot with her in the passed, so I was very grateful that she chose me to reach out to, for her pageant shots. When I got the news on why she was doing it, and heard how expensive treatment, etc.. was, there was no way I could charge her for a shoot. I donated the shoot, and covered the studio costs, and we captured some beautiful photos. You’d never know she was going through the battle that she was. She was so upbeat and full of energy, and a true joy to be around. It was awesome to be able to give back, and provide her with a shoot, she never let anything get her down. If you look on her right shoulder, you’ll notice that she had a port in, for her Chemo Therapy. She came from her treatment, to the shoot. This shoot took place almost a year ago, when I called her to check in with her, I was very happy to hear that she is in remission now, and has won a total of 4 titles since our shoot, and is currently getting ready to run again, for Miss CA!